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What is the Dharma Revelation?

The Dharma Revelation is a novel, but more than just a story it tackles religious and philosophical issues of the world today.  It was written with the idea that humanity may be ready for a change.  When enough people question things, or sense that there may be 'something more', adventurous and evolutionary leaps are made.

In the climax of the book, this sort of leap happened to the characters.  But what if it was more than just a fictional revelation?  Perhaps the discovery uncovered by the characters is applicable to real life!


religious overlap What do the colored lights in the video mean?

Overlapping colors do not produce black, they actually produce white.  Wouldn't it be interesting if our varying religious beliefs were like the color spectrum? 

Imagine if each color represented a religion, and white represented the secret to understanding good and evil.  Reality is probably not that simple, but the chances are pretty good that we need each other more than we realize.

What's with the numbers in the video?

The statistics used in the video were actually not gathered for the purpose of making the video; they were gathered while researching the book.  The interesting thing about the numbers is that by themselves they're not all that strange.  It's only when you see all of the statistics together that you may raise your eyebrow.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world (about 33%), so conservatively you can estimate 65% are not Christian.  This makes the best case scenario about 4.5 billion people that don't agree with each one of us, no matter what religion we belong to.

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What are people saying? (taken from


 “Fantastic story.  Thought-provoking and complex.  There were so many points that were mentioned that I thoroughly agreed with. For example, like the one when Dharma mentioned that evil technically does not exist.  What's right in one's eyes maybe wrong in another's eyes. You are definitely a gifted writer.  These kind of stories are not easily written and found.  This book deserves to be published and read by many people. There [are] so many valid and logical points made in the story… All in all, please do continue to write stories.”  --ZenBall1878



“It is refreshing to see a person with these kind of views on religion…Reading this story actually made me feel better as I am not the only one with views like this.  Thanks a lot for writing this story!” --ZenBall1878



“Thank you.  I was very glad to feel again that we are united and that there are people like you, who share same thoughts and feelings as I have.”  --SunEuphoria



“A must read to all who seek enlightment.” --JehRaz



“Good stuff thanks.  God bless!  Got more?”--Bfly4vr



“You, sir, are a genius.” --DanielSilva0



“Your story’s very unique and controversial… I’ve been searching for these unusual topics and I found this very interesting.  Nice work :) “ --KirstenChin



“I’m hooked.  I stumbled across this randomly and I’m glad I did...”  --DanConway



“…good pacing and character development.” --elisawei2012



“I’m hooked…and can’t put it down.” --purzel07



[At chapter 7]  “Am fascinated and looking forward to how this pans out.” –Cecijodel


“Although the story starts out a little sketchy, the mystery and intrigue grow as it builds up momentum.  Interesting elements are brought together with common goal.”  --2b4zoe



[At chapter 11] “Love everything you are writing!!  Amazing so far!!”  --TripleXtina



“Your writing style allows for an easy read.  Thank you, ChrisHalt.”  --Cecijodel



“Can’t put it down.  My hand keeps getting numb.”  --Carlafdm26



“…The dialogue between Petra and Daniel in Chapter 22, regarding the book she’s writing, made me sit up straight and take very particular note.  I am completely hooked to your story, Christ.  Bless you!”  --Cecijodel



“I am ‘blown away’ by this story.  Well done and thank you!”  --BWindsor



“I’m glad I stumbled on that book, it is not what I normally read, it’s hard to believe I have to remember it’s fiction.”  --BettyPichler



“Wow…This is a must read, for those who are matured enough to hunger for spiritual and intellectual…” –VictorOnyemata



“Very interesting.  I’m going to sleep with it and waking up thinking [of] it.  I think your work opened up my eyes.  –aleksandrajoannastpi



[Chapter 35] “Oh my God am I the first to post a comment?  Well here goes.  This chapter I chose to comment because it’s at a very gripping chapter.  I have lost sleep with this book as I simply cannot put it down.  I am a huge LOST fan because of the Dharma story and this book is excellently written.  I don’t think you really have enough credit for your work.  Your knowledge and research for your work has really done you greatly.  Keep up the great work Chris.  I shall be keeping my eye out for you.  Well done.  --WendySaym



“I am fascinated by this book!  Without a doubt the most thought provoking book I have read on this site.  Please tell me you have more books out for me to read.”  --babemoser


“Thank you so much for explaining quantum mechs so even *I* can understand!  Btw, I enjoy your book immensely…I have to get back to reading.  Can’t wait to see what comes next!”



“I hope you write more books.”  --sciencejo



“An amazing story I couldn’t put down.  With the amount of truth it was hard believing it was fiction!!...Lovely.”  --KaitlynIrons



“One of the best books I ever read.”  --JaphetQuian



“Wow.  Is this published?  Will it be?  This story really makes you think.”  --Aessedai35



“I have already talked to people about it.  It touches me cause those are things I had read about and that have become my values.  But I love that it’s explained in the context of a story with suspense romance…I just wish that people will be open enough to see it as more than a story.”  --carlafdm26



“That’s some powerful insight there… Wow I had no idea how amazing this book was going to be!  Thank you!!!”  --TripleXtina



“Most amazing!!  More please!  Thank you!” –bfly4vr



“One of the best books I’ve ever read.”  --donsauna



“This book is amazing!”  --readergirl237



“This is an extremely well thought out & well written book.  I enjoyed it thoroughly & voted often…Thank you for adding this book to Wattpad.”  --TreeofAsh



“A very good read: thought-provoking, deep, and well thought-out.  Very comfortable flow of narration.  Devoured the book.  :)  Had doubts at the beginning due to the myriad of religions introduced to the plot but the characters and events melded well. Not a single religion was offended at the end.  Really awesome piece of work.  Even better was that I picked up a few learning points: how our spirit becomes stronger within nature due to the lack of intelligent minds in our surroundings, surrender allowing one to grow spiritually by leaps and bounds due to the cutting of the flow of power to the mind, the mind being incapable of relinquishing control, true love meaning looking together in the same direction, scientists making fantastic atheists because they never lose control of their mind, the mind not experiencing the world but sensory reports of it.  These parts spoke true.  Thanks for uploading this.  There was a whole lot of research put into it.  Thanks for doing all the thinking.  :)  Commendable effort in finding a common ground in all the religions.  --znly__



“This book was very interesting.  It brought a whole new way of looking at things to me.  Dharma was such a great character and proposed very thought provoking questions I felt myself wondering about.”  --Critical_Acclaim



“Loved it!  Haven’t read a book this good in a long time!”  --rlhillard28



“I loved it.  Couldn’t put it down.  If there were chapters that I didn’t click like on it was only because I was in a rush to get to the next chapter.  What a beautiful message!”  --angel1942



“I have no idea what propelled the author to write this book, but given that the theme is religious unity and the quest if you will for the ‘true’ religion, I can imagine it is his own musings in the matter.  As such it runs a risk of becoming too personal, too incoherent and new age like.  But it is none of these things—the author maintains a high level of dialogue and consistent reasonings on the topics—at times I felt that I had to stop and think the various arguments through because they were convincing—and while the end result is rather inspired by new age, it at least doesn’t feel vague or metaphysical…This is a very good read, not only for its religious discussion, but perhaps even more for its thriller elements.  It is action filled, but without the usual disregard for life.  The main characters, and even the main villain if you will, doesn’t shoot and maim, at least not without guilt.  The main tool to resolve conflict is dialogue. 



“Loved it, If you’re at a cross roads in religion, life, and true happiness read this to free yourself.”  --kamauwil



“This is a great read on both a dramatic and philosophical basis.  It is an adventurist treat wrapped around a respectfully spiritual core.  Well done!!!  --BWindsor



“Very good.  Liked the message at the end.  Liked how the concepts run throughout the book and tie together at various points.”  --matt0829


“Hi.  I’ve not commented on a lot of books before but this one is wow.  I come from a religious background (Pentecostal church) and never really clicked with religion also thought that something was missing anyway I found your book insightful and makes a lot of sense.” 




“A superb book.  It reflected much of what I had a gut feeling for and was very uplifting.  Would be interested in your views on Dharma’s healing.”  --mutantsheep



“Read this book and change.”  --densreading



“A very heartwarming read!  Thank you!”  --SelyaCecilia

 "You are a genius my friend!" --elipro



"This has to be the best book I have ever read." --elipro