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Avoids group activities.
Trouble with authority.
Frequent search for high stimulation (bungee jumping, gambling, race track, doing many things at once, etc.).
Tendency to seek conflict, be argumentative or to start disagreements for the fun of it.
Tendency toward addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, work, sex).
Mistakenly switches around numbers, letters or words.
Turn words around in conversations.
Short attention span, unless very interested in something.
Easily distracted, tendency to drift away.
Lacks attention to detail.
Trouble listening carefully to directions.
Frequently misplace things.
If I know the answer or punch line in a conversation, I have a hard time keeping it to myself.
Even when people talk directly to me, I regularly find myself tuning them out.
Waiting my turn is so hard! (No, really, really hard.)
I regularly fidget and squirm.
Poor handwriting, often print.
Tendency to turn off or become stuck when asked questions in social situations.
Difficulties falling asleep, may be due to too many thoughts at night.
Difficulty coming awake (may need coffee or other activity before feeling fully awake).
Frequently feeling tired.
Sensitive to touch, clothes, noise and light.
Family or friends often accuse you of interrupting them, or not letting them finish their point.
Trouble with comprehension skills in school.
Are able to concentrate better than others when music or TV is on.
Take unnecessary risks in all aspects of your life.
Skips around while reading or trouble staying on track.
Difficulty learning new games, because it is hard to stay on track during directions.
History of ADD symptoms in childhood, such as distractibility, short attention span, impulsivity or restlessness.
History of not living up to potential in school or work.
History of frequent behavior problems in school.
History of bedwetting past 5 years old.
Family history of ADD, learning problems, mood disorders or substance abuse problems.
Chronic sense of underachievement, feeling you should be much further along in your life than you are.
Chronic problems with self esteem.
Frequent feeling of demoralization or that things won't work out for you.
Trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships.
Lack of talking in a relationship.
Poor listening skills.
Tendency to be easily bored (spaces out).
Restlessness, constant motion, legs moving, fidgetiness.
Has to be moving in order to think.
Trouble going through established channels, trouble following proper procedure, an attitude of 'read the directions when all else fails'.
Impatient, low frustration tolerance.
Frequent traffic violations.
Need others to organize you in order to be successful at something.
Starting projects without finishing them, poor follow through.
Enthusiastic beginnings but poor endings.
Spends excessive time at work because of inefficiencies.
Inconsistent work performance.
Poor organization and planning, trouble maintaining an organized work/living area.
Chronically late or chronically in a hurry.
Trouble sitting still, such as trouble sitting in one place for too long, sitting at a desk job for long periods, sitting through a movie.
An internal sense of anxiety or nervousness.
Impulsive, in words and/or actions (such as spending).
Say just what comes to mind without considering its impact.